Become an Action Partner in the first of its kind Festival & Touring-focused Innovation Studio and Investment Syndicate

Co-create and invest in the future of touring and festivals. 

Climate Control Projects is launching a not-for-profit Innovation Studio that will leverage a network of hundreds of cutting-edge technology companies that compete to create and pilot solutions for decarbonising tours and festivals.

We will integrate these technologies at Big Climate Thing events on an ongoing basis and use our network to assist in a broader adoption across the festival and touring industries. 

You—artists, creators, and the broader music industry—who contribute to the Big Climate Lab Innovation Studio will get first-look access to the Big Climate Investment Syndicate.

Syndicate members will get the first opportunity to invest early and directly into de-risked and unique technologies that surface via the Innovation Studio process.

Why this model?

We believe in the power of innovative thinking and responsible technology to solve hard problems. In order to leverage this power, research and development is essential. The Big Climate Lab will offset the cost of doing the R&D through a combination of not-for profit donations and de-risked investments, as startups and larger companies compete to solve the problem of carbon intensive tours and live events.

Claim your spot

The Big Climate Lab is currently accepting commitments on a first-come, first serve basis — making this your opportunity to play a transformational leadership role in solving a core challenge of our industry. 

How it works

Creative community donates to
not-for-profit Innovation Lab
Lab Submissions Reviewed 
& Pilots Run
Unlocks Access to Investment Syndicate
Technologies created that solve real world problems for the touring industry
Surfaces for-profit investment opportunities and not-for-profit tax benefits


We all have a part to play.

There are moments in time when technological and cultural forces converge in just the right way to spark a complete transformation in how we do things.  

The music industry has seen several of these in the last few decades: MTV, MP3, DSP, NFT…

Each moment represented a shift in how the public consumes music, and also an enormous financial windfall for those who bet on the future rather than cling to the past.  

We’re at another one of these points right now.


The future of music will be decarbonised.

And, those who invest in the products, technologies and companies driving green sector transformation will be legends in the hearts and minds of consumers; not because they bet on the next big tech, but because they bet on the future of people and the planet.

Our Team

Climate Control Projects was founded in 2020 by Kurt LangerPerry Serpa & Paul Biedrzycki, with a mission of working within popular culture to create awareness, accountability and action around the issue of climate change. Collectively, they bring decades of music industry, touring, film, pr and climate activism experience. Their experiences also encompass producing the legendary Tibetan Freedom Concert, sitting on the US Board of Trustees for Earth/Percent, producing feature films on climate, hosting climate podcasts, and publishing books… just the right mix to take on The Big Climate Thing.